AUTHORITIES: Pilot, Passenger Survive Chester County Plane Crash

Brittany Nicholson

CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn.-A plane crashes in Chester County, Friday night, with two people on board.. They are both alive, but one was rushed to the hospital.

Officials said around 6 p.m., the pilot crash landed into a field and walked to a nearby house. He told first responders he could not see anymore.

"I heard a noise outside, didn't know for sure what it was, didn't hear anything else," Jan Coffman described what she heard when the two-seater plane crashed into trees less than 150 yards from her house.

"In a few, there was a knock on my door. It was a man said they had been in a wreck. Of course we thought it was a car wreck," Coffman said.

When she saw where the man started leading her, she quickly realized it was not a car.

"It was so muddy just trying to get out there. It was really hard," she said.

The Chester County Sheriff said the plane landed in a lot of mud which may have prevented the couple from having more serious injuries.

"The male pilot, he is fine. He was walking around talking. He received no injuries. His wife received some injuries," said Sheriff Blair Weaver of the Chester County Sheriff's Department.

The sheriff said the woman was talking when she left in an ambulance.

Officials say the couple was heading from Springfield, Missouri to Florence, Alabama.

"He said the weather got so bad he had no visibility. He could see the field, got so close he hit the hedge row," Sheriff Weaver said.

Coffman said she is just thankful she was close enough to help.

"I'm glad it happened where it did out in the field. Glad it was as muddy as I'm sure that helped. I'm glad we were home, and able to help them," she explained.

The FAA said Friday night it would begin its investigation into the plane crash first thing Saturday morning.


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