Boy Scouts Attend Flag Retirement Ceremony

7 Eyewitness News Staff

Usually hearing about someone burning the flag enrages Americans. But, Wednesday, that was not the case as local Boy Scouts held their annual American Flag Retirement Ceremony.

More than 90 flags were laid to rest, almost double the amount that was donated last year.

The North Side High School Junior Color Guard also participated in the special disposal ceremony that featured a salute and prayer.

Scout leaders say after 90-days of use it is important to lay your flag to lay your flag to rest the proper way.

"When we say the pledge of allegiance, do we really know what those words mean in terms of honor and respect?" questioned Dan Brooks, Scout Master of Trooper 203. "We are the only nation in the world that says a pledge to its flag."

Scout leaders will conclude the retirement ceremony, Thursday, when they bury the flags' ashes in a marked grave.


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