Bradford To Get Speed Camera

Emily Cassulo

Police officers in Bradford will soon get an extra set of eyes when it comes to looking for speeders in their city.

It could also mean an additional source of revenue for the Gibson County town.

Residents gave 7 Eyewitness News mixed opinions about the portable speed camera.

Some said they are glad there will be even more of a crack down on speeding. Others said it is just another way to make money.

Bradford police officers are spending this week training to use their own portable speed enforcement camera.

They said it is different from other traffic cameras, and wanted to try out new technology.

"Although the form is different, the function is not really different from what we're doing now," said Assistant Chief Dave Chaffin.

Chaffin said the camera is similar to having an officer running radar, but it is actually more accurate.

Police said an officer will always be stationed with the camera, but it will not impact their other duties.

Violators will be mailed a $50 ticket. Officials said the city gets half of the money, which will go to its general fund.

"Everybody uses revenue like it's an ugly word,"Chaffin said. "The city offers people water service and public works, and fire protection, and things like that. It costs money to run those things. It costs money to run a city to offer those kinds of services."

Residents who opposed the idea did not want to share their opinion on camera. Those who back it said it did not seem to bother them.

"I think it's a wonderful thing," resident William Campbell said. "There's been so many accidents around, you know."

"There's a lot of kids around in the streets playing, and you just don't need to be speeding through here," resident Janice Doyle said.

Officers said the camera will start recording violations Thursday. It does not cost the city or taxpayers anything, unless they get a ticket, of course.

According to Chaffin, violators will not have to pay the fine the first two weeks the camera is up. He also said tickets from this camera will not add points to your driving record.


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