Pool Accident Injures Teenage Girl

Natalie Potts

First responders were called to the Regency Apartments in downtown Jackson for a pool related accident involving a 14 year old female.

Residents said, they heard screams and called police to a scene they described as horrifying and unimaginable.

Emergency responders were called to the scene where they worked to revive a 14 year old girl. Police said was a victim in downtown Jackson's Regency Apartment's pool.

Witnesses said, they heard screams and called Police where the 14 year old girl was found unconscious. Residents said they tried reviving the teen with CPR, but there was no response.

Alonzo Eskirage, who is the Regency Apartment Manager said at the time of the incident, the pool was on lock down, and that the pool was not scheduled to be open for the summer until Monday, June 4th. Managers said, the only way the pool could have been accessed was by jumping the fence. Employees told 7 Eye Witness News that the pool was only 8 feet deep, but that the 8 feet was enough to be dangerous for anyone.

The 14 year old girl's identity and condition is not being released at this time. Police say she was life flighted to the Le BonHeur Children's Hospital in Memphis.


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