Brownsville Package Liquor Sales Ordinance Approved

Modupe Idowu

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. - The city of Brownsville has been dry for more than a century according to Mayor Jo Matherne, but that is about to change. Earlier this week, the city approved the package liquor store ordinance.

According to Mayor Matherne, the city will allow up to three liquor stores in the city , one to each zone. In the event of more than three qualified applicants, Mayor Matherne said the potential store owners would be picked at random.

The city plans to charge not only a sales tax but an inspection fee tax as well on store owners.

"We always look forward to revenue. We always look forward to that. This is a way for the city to generate revenue with out having to affect property tax. If people use and purchase the alcoholic beverage in the bottle then they pay the tax," said Brownsville Mayor Jo Matherne.

While sales tax and wholesale tax are expected to bring in more revenue for the area, some residents are not pleased with the ordinance passing.

"I don't think anything good can come from this," said Pastor of Poplar Corner Baptist Church Tim McPherson. "I just see the cons far outweigh any pros that someone would give."

Pastor McPherson said he is worried about the possible abuse that sometimes comes with hard liquor.

"One of the initial things I think about is those who drink and drive and just the devastation it can bring on the innocent people," said McPherson.

He is also concerned about young people.

"Not to say that those who are manning the stores and those working there would give alcohol to under aged people, but when it's closer it's going much more assessable," said McPherson.

Despite concerns,officials said they hope to have applications ready next week. Each applicant would pay a $500 non-refundable application fee.


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