Brownsville Mayor faces challenges first week in office

Erica Williams

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. - A close call for Brownsville's new mayor, Bill Rawls, after more than 120 city employees almost didn't get paid on Tuesday.

It happened after the city's clerk and her assistant abruptly resigned during the pay period, according to the Mayor Rawls.

"It's a challenge, but we look at it as an opportunity to move forward," Mayor Rawls said.

According to the mayor, the city clerk was the only one trained and authorized to do payroll, leaving the office in a bind.

"We had to look for passwords and call IT," Mayor Rawls said.

Employees from other departments were brought in to help.

"We have many employees in the city who are knowledgeable who were willing to step up to the plate," Mayor Rawls said.

City employees were paid on time, but Rawls said it didn't come without some lessons learned.

"We will start cross-training," he said. "To make sure this problem doesn't happen again."

Despite the scare, the mayor says he doesn't foresee anymore problems with payroll happening.


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