Brownsville Factory Closing In September

Erica Williams

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn- After only two years in business, Marathon Heating announced that they're shutting down their Brownsville Factory, leaving dozens of employees without jobs.

"I never thought that little plant would close," said Tony Scott, who owns a neighboring business."Everyone was excited when they opened. People were able to get jobs."

Now at least 30 people will be unemployed as a result of the closure.

"It hurts people," said Scott. "And Christmas is right around the corner and people have kids."

City leaders and the Chamber of Commerce are working together to help workers find new jobs. For those wanting to go back to school, they'll offer help to get signed up for classes at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Brownsville.

"That way people can get reeducated and start a new career if they would like," said Renee' Moss, Executive Director at Haywood County's Chamber of Commerce.

We reached out to Marathon's corporate office in Texas but our attempts were not immediately returned.


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