Brownsville community holds prayer circle after weekend shootings

Brittany Nicholson

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. -- After a shooting spree leaves one man dead, the Brownsville community decides Wednesday to hold a prayer circle.

Mayor William Rawls said he wants Wednesday's gathering to send a message.

"We want to tell the people responsible for this it's not OK for us to have violence and bloodshed in the streets of Brownsville. It's not OK," Rawls said.

Dozens gathered to talk about crime and pray. Captain Chuck Willis with the Brownsville Police Department said he and other investigators organized the prayer circle. He said as of Wednesday no arrests have been made.

"I feel very confident that we are on the right track right now, with help from the community," Willis said.

Minister Rickey Reed said he prays for peace for scared residents, healing for the victims' families and even those responsible for killing one man and injuring another.

"There has been a disconnect in their lives. There's a missing link there. We want to help them find out what that is," Reed said.

Mayor Rawls said he wants to assure everyone this violence will not be ignored and justice will be served.

"We're trying to send a message of unity, calm and peace. Let justice take its course. Let's put some faith in God and let the police do what they need to do," Rawls said.

The funeral for Jarvis Hines will be held on Saturday.

The mayor said the community plans to have prayer circles regularly from now on, not just when violence occurs.


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