Brownsville teen accused of rape

Dan Lampariello

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. -- Brownsville police have arrested a 15-year-old boy, they believe is behind a rape and an attempted rape.

Brownsville police have charged the teen in an attack on June 16 and one that happened on Monday, July 21.

Now residents in both areas want answers.

"How did this happen? Why did it happen on this street?," asked Pamela Hard, a resident on Cedar Street. "We have a lot of elderly people down here and we have a lot of kids."

Pamela Hart's grandchildren played on Cedar Street, Wednesday, where just two days earlier a teenager not much older than them is accused of breaking into a home and trying to rape the woman inside.

"I feel violated. I feel, like I don't know what to do," Hart said. "I stay here by myself sometimes."

Police say the June 16 attack happened on Cherry Street.

Brownsville Police say a report by a female inmate at the Haywood County Jail helped lead them to the teen.

Friends of the juvenile say they believe he's innocent.

"I used to hang out with the guy all the time," Jaylon Springfield said. "He used to come to my house. I really don't think he would do something like that."

Others say the 15-year-old had a disability and would have never done this on his own.

"I mean if he was to do it, if he did do it. Then I believe somebody had to of had a big influence on that," Kelly Denham said.

Residents on Cedar Street hope things will soon go back to normal in their quiet neighborhood.

"I don't want to have to look around or be scared to come out of my house," Hart said. "This used to be a good neighborhood."

According to Brownsville Police, they don't believe there are any other victims.

The juvenile is currently being held at a detention facility on charges of aggravated rape, sexual battery, and aggravated burglary.

His date to appear in juvenile court has not been set.


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