Jason Ayers


Officials: Burglars Caught Red Handed

Natalie Potts

ALAMO, Tenn. - Two men were arrested Tuesday afternoon, after police said they caught them burglarizing and destroying a Crockett County home.

Officers responded to the scene after concerned residents spotted an unfamiliar car and called 911. When deputies arrived they chased Jason Ayers,26, and Brandon Lee Hinson, 23, who ran out through the back door of the house. Officers said they had stolen property as they ran toward a lines of trees. "I think they were just taking anything that they thought was of any value," said Sgt Allan Gilliland of the Crockett County Sheriff's Department.

Authorities said, both Ayers and Hinson were armed, and could have been dangerous if the homeowners had been home during the burglary. "His weapon was in his pants pocket when he was taken to the ground, he was telling officers that he did have a gun in his pocket," Gilliland said. "If they had been home and the suspects did not realize anybody was home, yes it could have gotten real bad."

After taking a look into the car that the burglars left behind, deputies said they believe the evidence could solve more than just this case. Officers said they were able to retrieve a car full of stolen property that belonged to multiple victims within the area. "We do have items that we have taken out of the vehicle that are unidentified by either victim, " said Gilliland.

Although officers were able to get back some stolen property, investigators said, the damage went beyond anything they had ever seen. " They absolutely demolished it, I mean things are turned over. I've worked a lot of burglaries and this is probably one of the worst ones as far as the damage goes that I've seen," said Gilliland.

Deputies said the stolen items that were collected at the scene have already connected both Ayers and Hinson to another burglary down the street from earlier in the day.

Homeowners told 7 Eyewitness News this is the second time they have been burglarized, but they do feel safe now knowing they are next to good neighbors that are keeping a good look out.

Both Ayers and Hinson have been charged with two counts of aggravated burglary, theft over $10,000 and theft under $500 dollars. Deputies said, their investigation is on going, and additional charges may be filed after officers locate owners of the stolen property that was recovered.


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