Burglars Steal Air Conditioners from Day Care

Caitlyn Jones

JACKSON, Tenn. - A Jackson day care had to remain closed Monday because someone broke in and took their air conditioners.

Precious Jewels Learning Center was burglarized sometime during the weekend and the thieves reportedly took two air conditioner units and a television from the business.

Sandra Yarbrough, who owns the learning center, said the burglar left such a mess that she had to call all of the parents to tell them not to bring their children to the center, Monday.

The burglar ransacked her office, broke multiple windows and even ate some food that was stored in the kitchen.

To top it all off, the owner says this is the sixth time her day care has been broken into since she opened six years ago.

"I'm just trying to provide a quality child care for people in the neighborhood so they can go to work and make a living," said Yarbrough.

No arrests have been made and Yarbrough plans to replace the air conditioning units and be back open Tuesday morning.


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