Businesses Come Together to Help Sam's BBQ Rebuild

7 Eyewitness News Staff

HUMBOLDT, Tenn.- In Humboldt Friday, competition took a back seat as fellow business and restaurant owners from around the Mid-South gather, joined by one mission... to rebuild Sam's Bar-B-Q, which was destroyed by fire last month.

Original owner, Sam Donald has been bar-b-queing hogs since the 1940s, opening his restaurant in 1988.

His son-in-law, John Ivory now runs the restaurant, the family said without this help, rebuilding the landmark would not be possible.

"I just want to thank them so much and if I could just them all a group hug, I would. You know there is no way to describe how grateful I am," said Seresa Ivory, owner of Sams' Bar-B-Q.

The volunteers will continue their work through tomorrow.


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