Busted Pipe Causes Headache for Camden Residents

Natalie Potts

BENTON COUNTY, Tenn. - Despite a weekend filled with plenty of rain, residents in Camden faced a shortage of drinking water, Sunday.

The weekend weather gave city workers in Benton County quite a few problems. Camden's water department had to repair a broken water main, which workers said was caused by the recent change in weather.

"The water was coming out of the ground maybe 3 or 4 feet high," said John Beasley, Assistant Superintendent for the Camden Water Department. "During the winter time you typically have a freezing and thawing action."

Workers had to shut off the drinking water to more than 100 homes for several hours to repair the damage.

"It just went off about 2 hours ago, I thought that something was busted. I don't like it because we can't do the things that we want to do," said resident Jimmy Mayoner.

Fighting against the rain, city workers said they are facing other problems with their sewer system too. Beasley told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News flood waters can sink down into the ground and infiltrate into the city's sewage pipes.

"With rain like this it causes the sewer system to be overwhelmed with rainwater," said Beasley.

Residents said they fear their systems will be backed up since their drainage ditches, yards and roads are already overflowing with rainwater.

"All this rain it goes into your septic tank, if it backs up you got problems," said resident Dale Long. "We love this rain but I think we got too much, there is a lot of flooding going on."

Officials with the Camden Water Department were able to restore the area's drinking water.

The Benton County Sheriff's Office reported that there were several roads with high water throughout the Big Sandy and Holladay communities. So far officials have shut down one road.


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