Camden Woman Finished Boston Marathon just before Explosions

Cyndi Lundeberg

CAMDEN, Tenn. - Jennifer Pierce landed back in Tennessee just hours after living through the traumatic events of the Boston Marathon. Pierce said she has always had a passion for running and never thought her passion would be a life-threatening hobby.

Pierce's children said they are thankful to have their mother back.
"I'm just so proud of my mommy, yesterday I told her how much I love her," Pierce's six-year-old daughter, Lauren said.

Pierce said she finished the Boston Marathon 30 minutes before the first bomb went off. She said she was near the explosion site moments before Boston's history changed forever.

"I missed it by mere moments. Our cab probably left, I don't know, minutes, probably moments before the first explosion," Pierce said.

This is the first full marathon Pierce participated in. She said this was not the introduction to the sport she anticipated.

"This is supposed to be something for your fitness. Doing something positive with your time and you're being a good example to your kids. And then something like this happens, it's just devastating," she said.

Pierce said anyone there could have been killed. She said she considers herself lucky to be among the survivors.

"Lives were lost. People were just thrown through the air, lost limbs. So your heart just goes out to these people, it's just so unfortunate," she said.

Pierce said her heart wrenches every time she thinks of Monday's travesties. But said she will continue running marathons because to her giving up what she loves would be letting evil win.
"You definitely think now and worry about security. On one hand I'm thankful security is heightened, but at the same time you hate to live your life in fear .So I worry, I'm concerned, but it's not gonna stop me," she said.

Before Pierce went to Boston, she signed up for the Chicago Marathon, which she will be participating in in the fall. She said the bombing will not stop her from running future races, but it has robbed her of her sense of security doing what she loves.


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