Camel Causes Wreck in Gibson County

Empriss Campbell

Faye Derry, exotic animal owner has been crying ever since she learned her beloved animal was hit by a truck last night.

Faye Derry is fighting back her tears when describing her love for her camel, Sarah.

Derry said her animals normally do not go anywhere.

She was out of town when Sarah was hit by a truck.

"I got a call from the sheriff's department. They were informing me that not only was all my animals out but that Sara, our oldest and our pregnant Camel...she had been hit by a car and she was in the road," said Derry.

Derry said she was glad no one got hurt in the wreck.

She has owned the camel and many other animals for years and says the animals do not go anywhere without her.

"They all follow us around the yard...Sara, however was apparently disoriented," said Derry.

Derry believes someone is targeting her and her animals.

"The sheriff's department has been out here a lot lately because in the last nine months we've had a person come and undo our fences when ever I do leave home," said Derry.

She said she is taking precautions now that one of her animals is dead.

Derry said she has installed cameras to protect her animals.


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