Cameras to be Installed at Animal Shelter to Prevent Theft of Dogs

Emily Cassulo

TRENTON, Tenn. - Security cameras are coming to one West Tennessee animal shelter.

Gibson County Animal Control Officer Mike White said he is tired of people dropping off animals when the shelter is closed.

"I take care of the whole county, so I can't stay here on these premises all the time," White said.

That is why the shelter will soon get security cameras.

Back in November, White said someone dropped off a puppy after hours, and it froze to death.

"I was pretty aggravated over that," White said. "I mean, you can't do anything if you don't find them. If I find someone doing it, I'd like to prosecute them."

"When it's 32 degrees outside, even if it's 42 degrees, a six-week-old puppy's going to die," said Kim Cox, Director of Friends of Gibson County Animals.

White said they are also dealing with people stealing the animals, and vandalizing the property.

Even when White locks up the gate, he said people still jump over the fence, damaging it.

"Every taxpayer should be concerned of people coming over these fences and damaging the county property. They are paying for it. They're paying for this service here, they're paying for my services, so they should be concerned about it."

Residents said they hope the cameras will keep people from hurting the animals.

"Hopefully no more animals will have to die, especially cold and alone," Cox said.

White said the cost of the cameras will come from the county's maintenance budget, and will not cost taxpayers any additional money.

They hope to install the cameras soon.


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