Cameras to be Placed in Park After Vandalism

Emily Cassulo

DYER, Tenn. - The city of Dyer will be installing several security cameras at one of its parks because of recent cases of vandalism.

Dyer city leaders recently voted to purchase and install the cameras at David Robinson Park after getting complaints from residents that the bathrooms were trashed, and they will not use them because of their condition.

Residents said they are glad the city is getting the cameras, and hope it will stop the vandalism in and near the park, since it is a nice area.

"It has gotten way out of hand. It's all night long," resident Phillip Sanders said. "It's something going on all night long and it's just got to be a problem that the city is going to have to really concentrate on a lot more than what they have."

In addition to installing the cameras, the city has hired someone to look after the park full-time.

City officials said they hope to have the cameras up by March at the latest, just in time for baseball season.


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