Car Crashes into Jackson Home

WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News Staff

JACKSON, Tenn.- There were some scary moments for a couple in north Jackson, Wednesday after a car drove through the front of their home.

The homeowners said a young male driving a late model Ford Taurus told police he came down the hill approaching the house and was pushing the brake, but the car would not slow down.

The car put a large hole in front of the house. The homeowner said the damage was pretty severe.

"It sounded like World War II, a bomb went off and the house filled up with glass and smoke and the only thing I knew to do was start throwing breakers and once we got all the breakers and everything shut off we realized a car had actually come through the house," said homeowner Richard Cross."It's the dining room and the kitchen is totaled so it pushed all the countertops, the appliances and everything toward the back wall."

Cross said they have relatives in the area, so if they were unable to stay in the house they would have a place to go. A contractor was called to patch the large hole for the night.

Investigators said the crash is still under investigation.


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