Car Burglaries in Martin

Meghan Pinkley

Martin, Tenn. - An unwelcome visitor in one West Tennessee town is responsible for burglarizing many vehicles.

Jeremy Jones, 30, has been linked to a number of thefts over the past few weeks. After his arrest, investigators discovered this was not the first time he has had a run-in with Martin Police. As a juvenile, Jones was arrested in Martin as well.

Joe Walker was sound asleep when all of a sudden his dog woke him up. "I heard my dog barking and I went up to the window to see what it was and I saw someone messing around in my toolbox," said Walker.

Walker said he yelled at the man, but it was too late, "He was already running and the cops were chasing him."

"The individual who called the police department actually saw him attempting to steal his trailer. Jones has a ball on the back of his car and was hooking the trailer up to his car to steal," said Martin Captain Don Teal.

Reports show Jones, who is from Columbia, Tennessee, burglarized at least four vehicles Wednesday night and Thursday morning. When Police found Jones, he fled but he only got to the next block before being caught.

"He had a backpack with him and at that point they found the items that had been stolen from a vehicle in his bag," added Captain Teal.

Martin police said Jones has been living out of his car in Martin for about two weeks and he may face additional charges as other reports arise.

Jones has been charged with burglary from motor vehicle and evading arrest. He is being held in Weakley County Jail without bond.


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