Carl Perkins Collects Gifts From the Farm

Erica Williams

HUNGTINGDON, Tenn-"The Farm", 100.9 FM, and the Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse are wrapping up their annual 'Christmas Tree of Cash' Toy Drive. Those involved said they are ready to surprise kids with toys for Christmas.

Staff from the Carl Perkins center picked up toys from "The Farm" on the last day of the toy drive. More than 1,000 toys and 51 bikes were collected during the "Christmas Tree of Cash".

T.J. Glidwell, from the Carl Perkins Center, said close to 150 kids will be able to experience Christmas as a result of the fundraiser.

"If we can make them happy and smile and feel like a kid on Christmas, then it's just amazing. That's a memory they will always have," said Glidwell.


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