Carroll County Humane Society Needs Help

CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn. - One local shelter, known for giving animals a second chance, needs a second chance of its own.

Carroll County's Humane Society is a sanctuary for abandoned animals. It is now in danger of collapsing, which puts its animals and volunteers at risk .

Doctor Sarah Kidd, who is the president of Carroll County's Humane Society, told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News that her rescue is desperate for answers.

The rescue's main building's back wall is caving in due to dry rot. The building was purchased by the group in 2001.

"Right now what we are facing is a large amount of dry rot on the inside that is starting to cause a partial collapse," said Kidd.

Volunteers have placed temporary support beams against the wall. For now, it is stable, but workers fear the building could fall at any time.

Without a building, managers said the number of animals the shelter is able to rescue would drastically decrease by 90 percent.

Kidd said it's a no-kill shelter that runs on donations alone, serving as a sanctuary to nearly 1,000 animals each year.

"They've had a hard enough go it doesn't need to be any harder," said Kidd. "We are committed to this and if we let them (animals) down, then we just let them down and that's just, gosh, you don't wanna think about that."

If the shelter were too collapse, Kidd said many of the animals who have been searching for forever homes, would go homeless.

"If an animal gets hurt, our job is to protect them and if we fail at that it's heartbreaking," said Kidd. "All of the rescues are sort of overwhelmed you can't expect other groups to sort of help pick it up because they are fighting the same fight."

Workers said just like the animals they keep, they too are waiting for a miracle. The total cost to keep the shelter doors open is estimated at more than $100,000 dollars a year.

Last year the shelter spent more than $50,000 in vet expenses alone. Kidd said each fundraiser prioritizes raising money for the care of the animals.

The cost of a new building is estimated at $150-175,000. And in order to keep the shelter running, the business must be relocated.

If you would like to help Carroll County Humane Society call (731) 352-9950 or visit:


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