Carroll County Death Investigation

Alisha Searl

A Carroll County woman and her daughter's boyfriend were found together, dead, in a Bruceton home Friday, according to investigators.

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office says they are treating the case as a double homicide until it is proven differently.

Neighbor Connie Fullard does not have a concealed gun permit now, but she is seriously considering one after finding out her neighbor, Sandra Hart, 59, and Stevan Lowe, 53, were killed just houses away.

Fullard says, "You just wonder why."

Neighbor Wilbern Mitchell adds, "And I wonder who did it."

It is being treated like a homicide, until autopsy results prove otherwise, and it is taking a toll on the Bruceton community.

Fullard says she has seen meth labs in her own backyard, but never a possible double murder.

She adds, "We've never had anything happen like that around here, and to be in such a tight knit community, it's shocking."

Neighbors say they are shocked to hear Hart and her daughter's boyfriend were found together inside, dead, however, deputies say it is not so shocking to them.

Until about a week ago, officers say, all three were living together inside Hart's trailer.

Officers do not know why the couple moved out.

Mitchell adds, "I guess there's nowhere safe anymore."

Hart, we are told, had not been working at the time of the shooting because she was just finishing up treatment for cancer.

And as for Lowe, well, neighbors say he came from a good family.

Mitchell, says, "This is all getting too close to home to be comfortable."

Neighbors admit they are not comfortable in their own homes, and will not be until the killer or killers are caught.

Fullard, adds, "We are always going to worry where is it going to happen next."

We are told the preliminary autopsy results will be released in two to three days.

No one is currently in custody.


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