Catfish Cabin Takes on New Security Measures

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn.- One favorite Jackson restaurant is taking on new security measures after being robbed at gunpoint.

"He's protecting the people that's coming in and that's a good thing," said customer Bennett Young.

"That's good for him to do that. You'd be more secure wouldn't be looking around wondering who's going come in with a gun and rob you."

Police said Jackson's Catfish Cabin was robbed by three gunmen Thursday night as the restaurant was closing. Officials said the gunmen stormed the restaurant wearing hats and masks.

"Well I hope that they catch them and lock them up the rest of their life," said Young.

Police said at least one shot was fired before they took money and ran out of the back door. In the aftermath, both employees and customers said they were still shaken up.

"Oh, I've been coming here 30-49 years and just worried, afraid you come up here at night and somebody is liable to rob you." said customer Craig Beard.

"It's getting worse getting closer to home, people are desperate."

Owners told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News that they are thankful no one was hurt said they can replace material things, but we can't replace human life.

Owners said moving forward their focus will be to make sure both Catfish Cabin Customer's and employees feel safe. Customers said they are ready to move forward too.

"It's wonderful they got good fish and prices are right, the service is good," said Young.

Sheriff David Woolfork said upon request from the owners, for now, he is allowing a uniformed off duty deputy to be hired by Catfish Cabin as security in special detail.

Customers said they are thrilled owners are taking the extra precaution.

"Shame shame on them right, we don't want it to happen again," said customer Jewel Cardin.

"Protect it because we got to have it, this is our favorite place to go."
So far Jackson police have made no arrests. One of the victims did tell authorities that one of the gunmen had a skull on his hat. If you have any information in this case call Jackson Police or Crime Stoppers.


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