Caught on Camera: Deputies tase inmate attempting to escape

Heather Mathis

HENRY CO., Tenn. -- Henry County deputies say they were forced to tase an inmate after he attempted to escape from jail, Wednesday night.

According to Sheriff Monte Belew, Lonnie Singleton was being booked into jail on a burglary charge when he ran through an unlocked door.

Singleton didn't make it far, before being brought down by a taser.

"He was going for his freedom," Sheriff Belew said.

Belew said Singleton was actually expected to be released on bond later that night.

Singleton ran through an unlocked jail door but into a fenced area with a closed gate. Belew said the jail door was unlocked because another deputy was in the process of bringing in another inmate.

Deputies say this was Singleton's third arrest in two weeks. The others two were traffic violations. Now, Singleton faces an additional count of escape.

Deputies also believe Singleton is responsible for more burglaries around the county.

"He basically went on a little spree across Henry County," Belew said.

Sheriff Belew said the deputy followed proper protocol tasing Singleton.

"He went ahead and tased him to gain control of him," Belew said. "We didn't know his mental state or what he was going to do."

Singleton is being treated for injuries to his face after falling face first into the pavement. He is now being held in Henry County Jail without bond.


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