Distribution Center Coming to Jackson, Will Add 50 Jobs by 2014

Ben Rainwater

JACKSON, Tenn. - Dozens of new jobs will be available in the future as Champion Power Equipment announced Thursday that it has chosen Jackson, Tennessee for its newest distribution facility.

Operations are already underway in the facility, and company officials said Jackson's location made it an easy choice.

"80% of our distribution is East of the Rockies, so working out of here, you're basically two days from any customer that we may have," Jackson facility general manager Marty Richards said.

"It validates that Jackson is a good place for existing industries to do business and that someone from California would recognize what a good business environment this is," Jackson Chamber president and CEO Kyle Spurgeon said.

Champion will hire up to 50 employees during the first 15 months of operation and invest over $3 million into its 80,000 square foot facility in Jackson. City officials stress the workforce impact spans outside the factory walls.

"There's a spin-off because when you create one job, you create other jobs in different sectors," Spurgeon said. "We're creating 50 jobs here. That means that those people have to buy items at our small businesses. They might buy or lease copiers. There are folks that will visit Champion that will stay at the hotels in the area."

Champion has finished its initial hiring for its start-up, but they also plan to add 10 jobs by the end of 2013 and 25-50 jobs by 2014. The company has also purchased additional acreage for possible expansion that could include manufacturing.

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