Charges Dismissed in West Jackson Murder

Caitlyn Jones

JACKSON, Tenn. - A shocking turn of events in the beating death case of Antwan Brooks as the eight men accused in the murder appeared before a judge.

One by one, Judge Nathan Pride dismissed the first degree murder charges against all of the men. The Jackson Police Department and Attorney General's office motioned for the dismissal due to insufficient evidence as witnesses are no longer cooperating.

Four of the men were released from the Madison County jail Tuesday and another was released from jail August 14th after his alibi was confirmed. Two of the men will remain jailed due to unrelated charges.

Family members of the men cleared of the crime say they're relieved while relatives of Books left the courthouse in tears.

"It's over with. I'm happy my brother is out. I knew he was innocent. I said he was innocent from the beginning, anybody else, I don't care what they think," said the sister of one of the men cleared.

"They not doing anything here, they dismissed it here, but the man upstairs will take care of it," said a cousin of Brooks.

According to a news release from the Jackson Police Department, they are still investigating the case and will continue searching for those responsible.


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