Will Harry Lutter - No Charges Entered


Charges Filed in Best Buy Shooting


JACKSON, Tenn. – Jackson police have charged the man they believe shot his estranged fiancé in the local Best Buy store, Tuesday.

Will Harry Lutter, 61, is charged with attempted first degree murder, aggravated domestic assault and especially aggravated kidnapping. He is also charged with aggravated assault for allegedly pointing a gun at a Best Buy employee.

Lutter reportedly entered the Best Buy around Tuesday morning and fired multiple shots at the woman in the store with one shot hitting her in the back of the head. She was also struck at least two more times by bullets after she fell to the ground, investigators reported.

Police said Wednesday evening that the woman is alert and stable in the intensive care unit at The MED in Memphis.

Police said a Best Buy employee heard the shots and came to help. As the employee approached Lutter, he reportedly pointed the gun in the employee’s direction placing him in fear. Lutter was still armed with the gun as he left Best Buy with the shooting victim, before being taken into custody on the parking lot.

Customers reported hiding in the store as the gunman paced back and forth in the center of the store while firing his weapon. After the shooting, police said the gunman dragged the woman outside to the parking lot where he was then approached by plain clothed officer Lt. John Lambert who was the first on the scene. Witnesses said the shooter then released the woman, raised the gun to his temple and asked officers to shoot him. Officers then blocked off the suspect and tased him in the parking lot.

Lutter is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday at 8:00 a.m. in Jackson City Court.


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