Chester Co. Parents and Students "Stomp Out" Bullying

Emily Cassulo

HENDERSON, Tenn. - Parents and students in Chester County said they are upset about a bullying problem in schools.

"I don't want just anybody to hear me. I want everybody in Chester County, everybody in West Tennessee who watches the news to know that I'm not up for bullying," said student Audrey Morrison. "I think it's stupid, wrong. Why even do it?"

Some students had their parents take them out of school early to participate in a "stomp out" to put a stop to bullying in their schools.

"I'm sick and tired of kids being scared to stand up for what they believe in. Kids are killing themselves because of this. It's ridiculous," student Cheyenne Trump said.

"They shouldn't have to live with this day in and day out," said parent Lisa Bishop. "They need somewhere to turn. This was their choice to 'stomp' it."

Students said the bullies get suspended. When they return to school, the teasing gets worse.

They said it would help if teachers paid more attention.

"If the students come in and look like they've been crying, ask them what's wrong," Trump said.

They just hope their stomp out sends the bullies a message.

"Bullying, I don't think it gets anybody anywhere," said Morrison. "What's even the point of bullying?"

Chester County Director of Schools Cherrie Pipkin said the school board recently updated their harassment and bullying policy.

Pipkin is asking for more parental involvement to monitor bullying outside of school.


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