Chester County Residents Still Without Power

Cyndi Lundeberg

CHESTER CO., Tenn. -Jacks Creek residents are beginning the pain- staking process of cleaning up their community. More than 1,500 homes were without electricity in Chester County and Jacks Creek after the severe winds.

As the temperatures dropped into the 30's, many Jacks creek residents began to worry about young families and how the elderly would keep warm without electricity.

" I''m troubled for the elderly [they] probably don't have any generators and they're going to be in the cold," said Jacks Creek Resident Chip Campbell.

Storms hit Debbie Wright's home particularly hard. She said parts of her backyard ended up almost a football field away.

"The economy is bad now and people are gonna struggle with this as far as to rebuild what they have," she said.

Wright said she was not prepared for the magnitude of the storm. She had few candles to light her home and no flashlights. She said Jacks Creek residents have reached out to aid her.

"My phone has not stopped ringing all day with people trying and offering to help."

One of those residents helping those in need is Chip Campbell. Campbell has spent his entire day checking on elderly residents and delivering cooked chickens to families unable to cook.

"Houses along this corridor are completely demolished what do these families do?" he asked.

With no shelters set up in the immediate area most families are braving the night in their dark and damaged homes.

"People in our communities are going to have challenges and we as a community need to help them overcome their challenges."

Phillip Mullins with Southwest Tennessee Electric saif he hopes all of the affected residents will have power by Friday.


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