Wheel Tax Causes Controversy in Chester County

Caitlyn Jones

HENDERSON, Tenn.-A long county commission meeting in Chester County ended with a vote in favor of a tax increase. Not the move some expected.

Residents were there, Thursday night to protest a 35 cent property tax increase, but commissioners pushed that vote to the next meeting in August. But they did vote on a wheel tax increase of $29.65.

Many residents are no more pleased with this alternative. Several people have already inquired about starting a petition against the tax.

"The voters of Chester County have the right, according to the Tennessee Election Law 5-8-102 to file a petition with the Chester County Election Commission within 30 days of the wheel tax by the county court," said Michele White, Administrator of Elections.

Mayor Dwain Seaton did not return phone calls and would not speak to 7 Eyewitness News when we went to his office and asked for a comment.


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