City Hosts Chipping of the Green

Natalie Potts

JACKSON, Tenn. - More than 30 volunteers gathered in South Jackson for the Chipping of the Green project which works to recycle old Christmas trees, Saturday.

Keep Jackson Beautiful accepted more than 600 live Christmas trees in front of the Jackson Fairgrounds in a drop off location at the city's Fire Station Training Center on South Highland Avenue.

Keep Jackson Beautiful members and master gardener volunteers transformed the trees into a large pile of wood chips that was bagged to be reused for garden pathways and composting. The wood chips were made available to the public at no charge.

"Well, we are trying to think and recycle, Chipping of the Green keeps all of the Christmas trees, the live ones, out of the landfill which helps the county and everybody in it as far as taxes. This is something we do. It's all volunteers," said Barbara Tucker, Chipping of the Green.

Organizers said last year there were approximately 800 trees recycled rather than being discarded into the landfill.


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