Church Cancels Mid-Week Service Due To Flu Concerns

Empriss Campbell

JACKSON, Tenn. - After three West Tennessee schools closed their doors for the remainder of the week, a local church decided to close their doors for their Wednesday night service.

"All Wednesday Programming is canceled" is posted on the electronic billboard outside of Englewood Baptist Church. Pastor Paul Priddy said it took them a while to make the decision to cancel Wednesday night service.

Some West Tennessee residents said it was a good idea for the church to close their doors for one night.

"I think it’s a wise thing to do. Germs are spread there, and I know people on chemo and different things like that don't want to be near those germs," said Francis Reasons.

Officials at Englewood Baptist Church said they are only canceling service for one night and it is just a precaution to protect their members.

Francis Reasons said the church should be closed because members are constantly greeting one another.

"I really think that it’s a good place to go, but not when you have a cold or anything like that," said Reasons.


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