Church Faces New Court Order

Empriss Campbell

Pastor Walter McGill and Luke Chartier have less than 15 days to comply with a court order or pay $1,000 in fines. If not, U.S. Marshals will order a warrant for their arrest along with members of their church.

But Pastor McGill told 7 Eyewitness News they will not comply or pay the fine.

Pastor Walter McGill of Creation Seventh Day Adventist Church in Guys said he Is ready to give up the pulpit for prison because his church has been ordered to quit using Seventh Day Adventist in its name.

"We would really like to comply to the court orders. We respect the courts, we respect the law. But in this case the law is violating our conscious and we must put our conscious before the law," said Pastor McGill.

Creation Seventh Day Adventist has been battling in federal court for years over the trademarked name Seventh Day Adventist.

The battle has recently came to a halt after the church was told either they had to comply with the court order or church leaders would be sent to prison.

Pastor McGill said he is ready to go to jail and while incarcerated, he plans to fast.

"I don't have the least bit of fear and my church members have no fear because we have perfect love," said Pastor McGill.

McGill has been leading the Creation Church since 1991and had been in Africa during the legal battle until just last month.

He said he predicted the ultimatum.

"I prophesied it to the church then and I really expected way before then. So, I've been prepared for it for a number of years," said Pastor McGill.

McGill believes the Seventh Day Adventist Church is more concerned with money and business than people.


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