Church Helps Repair Homes In Need

Empriss Campbell

Homeowner Lane Hodges said since the 2008 tornado he has slowly been trying to make some much needed repairs to his home.

"It got a little tight on my pockets, so I thought about some other arenas to take to try to get the work done," said Lane Hodges.

Hodges found out about the homeowner repair program, which helps homeowners with code violations make repairs.

The program has been around since 2008 and has been helping people every since.

"I think it's a blessing that they got a program like this .I'm sure there's a lot of people other than me that aren't able to get the work done they want to get done to their house," said Hodges.

Greater Visions Ministries and First Baptist Church members volunteered to help with five properties. They helped repair rotten wood, replace windows and peeled paint.

"A lot of good help from a lot of the local churches. A lot of the neighbors are very pleased with the work that we have done, and we've been able to assist a lot of people in the city," said Sylvester Bingham.

Hodges said he is very fortunate to live in a community that's doing God's work.

Hodges said, "That's what it's about, to try to spread your love and that's what there doing for us."


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