City Sweeps Neighborhood where Murder Happened

Caitlyn Jones

JACKSON, Tenn.- City officials conducted a neighborhood sweep Thursday in the neighborhood a man was killed, in hopes of making it safer.

When Antwan Brooks was beaten to death in the streets of Carolane Drive, city leaders issued a call to action. The neighborhood sweep includes several city departments issuing courtesy citations for properties in violation of city codes. Most of the citations were for overgrown grass, peeling paint, and roofing problems.

Officials told 7 Eyewitness News improving the appearance of a neighborhood can reduce crime. However Paul Mundt owns most of the homes and says more needs to be done.

"If there's a lot of places people could hide, that could be a factor. Is that the real major factor? The major factor is poverty, these people that have little or no hope as they grow up. They have little parent guidance."

This city issued a total of 41 citations out of the 43 properties inspected. Residents will have time to fix the problems but could be fined on second offense.


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