Clerks Allegedly Caught on Tape Stealing Lottery Tickets

Joe Sullivan

BELLS, Tenn.- Four convenience store workers have been fired after the store owner claims they stole scratch off tickets from the Snappy Mart store.

According to the store manager, one woman was caught on tape stealing $12,000 worth of tickets.

The store manager found out about the ticket loss after an investigation into why the store was losing so much money every month.

Store Manager Kim Morales said, "We do know if there will be prison time."

The store manager said the Tennessee Lottery Commission is investigating.

Recently, a $5,000 scratch off winning ticket and a $2,500 scratch off winning ticket were cashed in at the Nashville lottery office by Snappy Mart store employees.

The Bells Police Department is waiting for the exact amount of theft before they file charges.

Officials said arrests could take place shortly after that information is received.

The store manager has 3,000 hours of video taken over a 31 day period.


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