Coleman Re-elected as Mayor of Medina

Heather Mathis

GIBSON COUNTY Tenn.- The city of Medina has re-elected Mayor Vance Coleman for another term in office.

More than 1,500 ballots were cast in the race. Mayor Coleman was able to pull ahead with 893 votes over his opponent, Steve Murphy, who had 701 votes.

"Well, it was just great! We've got great people living here in Medina and I'm just so proud to be their Mayor and I'm happy with the results, very happy." said Coleman after hearing the results of the election.

Mayor Coleman said he plans to continue to have the people's best interest at heart during his next term.

"You know what were going to do the same thing we've done for the last four years just put the city of Medina first as we always do." said Coleman.

Murphy said he is proud of the his campaign and congratulated Mayor Coleman on his win.


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