Community Petitions for Cell Phone Service

Joe Sullivan

Ken Whitehead lives on Old Friendship Road in Chester County. He tells us his cell phone service is terrible.

"Probably after I take my bath I got my pajamas and the phone rings I got to run to the front porch to answer it and I don't know what the neighbors think," said Whitehead.

While Whitehead is out in his pajamas on the phone, Imogene Naylor of Chester County is sometimes forced to wave her arms in the air at her home to get cell phone service.

"I go outside and I still can't get a bar so I've taken my phone and I'm waving it up like this to get a bar and people come blowing their horn at me and I think I'm not waving at you, but thanks anyway I'm trying to get a bar on my cell phone," said Imogene Naylor.

400 people have signed a petition asking AT&T to put a cell tower up in Chester County.

The areas affected are the Old Friendship community, Silerton, Masseyville, Cave Springs, Montezuma and Hickory Corner.

Bud Richardson said he called AT&T and told them they could put a tower on his land in South West Chester County.

"I told them that my property was elevated enough that would be suitable and had a good conversation with the nice young lady and that's the last I heard from them two or three years ago," said Richardson.

Many customers have said 'goodbye' to the cell phone and 'hello' to the land line.

"You go out and you get in your vehicle and some of us has to go up and down the road to get good service," Whitehead said.


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