Eric McAlister


Community Shocked After Double Murder

Empriss Campbell

WEAKLEY COUNTY, Tenn. - Residents in this small Greenfield community can not believe one of their neighbors is charged with killing two people.

"It was shocking to know it happened here in Greenfield everybody knows everybody here," said Tammy Witherington, a Weakley County resident.

Eric McAlister is charged with two counts of first degree murder and one count of attempted first degree murder after allegedly running over his father with a pickup truck and fatally shooting a man trying to help.

"It's sad two people have lost their life and one person has lost his life's really sad," said Witherington.

McAlister's mother said she knew something like this could happen.

"I was very afraid but as his mother I could not be afraid I had to confront him," said Sherry Walker-Roberson, mother of Eric McAlister.

Walker- Roberson said she contacted law enforcement when she learned her son had a list of people to kill, two of which included his father and brother.

"He tried to help Eric, but Eric was too far gone. We just band-aided the situation the best we could he knew Eric was sick," said Walker- Roberson.

Walker-Roberson said she feels sorry for the man who tried to help.

"I am broken-hearted for that family he come upon a situation that he did not know whats he was coming upon."


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