Community Members React To Missing Bain Family

Meghan Pinkley

The community responded to missing Hardeman County mother and her 3 daughters.

Whiteville residents were anxious to know the identity of the 2 bodies found in a Mississippi home that was connected to Adam Mayes, the man suspected of kidnapping Jo Ann Bain and her 3 daughters.

On Sunday, there was still no word from FBI on whether the bodies found in Mississippi were members of the Bain family, who agents said were in extreme danger.

It had been two days since the unidentified bodies were found by federal agents, and that had neighbors on edge.

"It's just so upsetting. Everyone is just praying that they will be found safely," said Irene Herron.

Officers believe Mayes is responsible for kidnapping Jo Ann, Adrienne, Alexandria, and Kyliyah Bain.

Agents said Mayes may have altered the girls' hair length and color. Mayes is believed to be on the move with the Bain girls and investigators said the chase could go multi-state.

Neighbors to the Bain's said Mayes visited the family a number of times, and from what they could tell he seemed like a decent guy.

"I saw the little girls everyday. It just got me all shook up because I don't want anything happening to those girls," said Mealvin Herron.

If you've seen Adam Mayes or any of the victims or know where they can be found, call the TBI Hotline at 1-200-TBI-FIND.


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