Company To Offer Doctor Visits Via Phone In Tennessee

Empriss Campbell

JACKSON, Tenn. – A new program is being rolled out in Tennessee that will offer residents the opportunity to contact a doctor by phone or internet for a consultation rather than in person.

The service is called “Apogee Doctor on Call” and it charges $50 per contact for physician consultations. Tennessee is the pilot state for the service being rolled out by Arizona-based Apogee Physicians.

One local resident thinks the service could save time.

"I think in someways it could be helpful if its something like a cold or a mild illness that possible something like that could be prescribed," said Erica Sitton.

According to the company, callers will have the chance to speak with board certified doctors and can be prescribed medications over the phone. Doctors won't be able to prescribe narcotics but they can give many common drugs like antibiotics.

One resident we spoke with says she believes this approach could be dangerous.

"I wouldn't trust the diagnosis over the phone and certainly not the medication," said Valerie Broadway.


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