Sen. Bob Corker (R) Tennessee


Corker proposes increase to gas tax

Victoria Taylor

JACKSON, Tenn.-For the first time in more than two decades, federal taxes on gasoline and diesel could be raised.

Republican Tennessee Senator Bob Corker proposed the legislation with Connecticut Democrat Senator Chris Murphy. They would like to increase the gas taxes 6 cents for the next two years. The tax would then be based on inflation prices.

The additional funds will be used in the Highway Trust Fund.

The last time the gas taxes increased federally was in 1993. Currently drivers pay 24 cents in federal taxes for diesel and 18 cents for gas. Something one driver said is painfully obvious when he cruises up and down the highway.

"In addition to maybe to be a little smarter about how we drive, our infrastructure is pretty significantly lagging in comparison to the rest of the world," said John Paul, a supporter of the gas tax hike.

The proposal is part of a package to be passed out of the finance committee. Sen. Corker said he does not expect the legislation to pass in the next month. He plans on continue to gather support for the bill through the end of the year.


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