Cotton Struggles Amid Excessive Rain

Laura Bannon

BELLS, Tenn. - Farmers are fearing the worst this year after an unusual summer where rain continues to fall day after day.

"I have been involved in farming this is my 52nd crop and I don't think we ever had this much trouble trying to keep a crop of cotton growing," said cotton farmer, Jimmy Hargett.

The problem started in the spring when it was time to plant the cotton and the rain delayed the process.

"As we did get a chance to plant we would get another shower and our ground never did dry out exactly like we want it too," said Hargett.

The rough start lead to disease which caused a tremendous loss in the cotton crops not only for Hargett but for many cotton farmers in West Tennessee.

"I lost about a half of everything standing," Hargett explained, "I would go back two days later and it would be gone, it's hard to raise cotton under wet conditions it's a dry weather plant."

If the excessive rain continues, farmers fear a late harvest. It is not a race against the clock to get the crop out of the ground by the first fall frost.

"The weather can make this cotton crop decent or the weather can break this cotton this weather can make this cotton crop a disaster," Hargett added.


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