Counterfeit Bills Hitting Henry County

Cyndi Lundeberg

PARIS, Tenn. - Paris Police were alerted to counterfeit twenty dollar bills circulating throughout the area a week.

This past week the problem escalated with multiple businesses on Mineral Wells Road reporting bogus bills late this week.

Swifty Gas said they received eight fake twenty dollar bills in just the past week. Rusty Myrick is the manager of Swifty Gas. He said everyone is affected by the fake money.

"It's just been regular customers. An elderly woman came in the other day with one that she got in change," he said.

Businesses that have received the counterfeit twenties said they are a little smaller than regular twenties and a little off in color other than that they look exactly the same.

Paris Police do not know exactly how many bogus bills may be circulating. Their records show that many of their victims said they got their phony twenties from their bank.

Matt Hoggard said he is worried he may end up with one and not even know it.

"If I was to use that money to purchase something and it could come back to me and I'd be the one who was suspected of counterfeiting even though I was the victim," he said.

Hoggard said it is not just about the cash, it is about the people these scammers are hurting.

"It's going to be more common for people to start counterfeiting. I can see it affecting the economy and businesses around the area," he said.


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