Counterfeit Money Infiltrating Northwest TN Community

Heather Mathis

HENRY COUNTY Tenn. - Nearly $600 of fake $20 bills have popped up around Henry County in the last few weeks.

Investigators said the fake bills looked so real they have been passed around from business to business before being detected.

"Are they printing it here locally? Is it somebody that has gone off somewhere and brought it back to the community? How is it getting here is our question," Investigator David Doyle told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News.

Doyle said people are getting the cash everywhere, even their own banks. Doyle said it Is hard to track where the bills are coming from.

"If there's 600 (dollars), does that mean there is still $600 more out there, I don't know. I doubt we've found them all," said Doyle.

Investigators said check the texture, holograms, and optical illusions on your bills as quick ways to see if you have a real or fake 20.

The Henry County Sheriff's Office said you should check your $20 bills for signs of them being fake, and turn any in that are counterfeit.


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