The books will soon will be flying off the shelf in Alamo. For the first time since 1981 renovations will be made to the library. More space will be added to go along with a new roof, new carpet and new lighting. "We are very excited. We will have more room, a private conference room, a programming room where we can go in shut the door and not bother anybody," said Library Director Linda Rice. Construction is set to begin the first week of April..So how will the library function during the 100 days of construction? The second week in April the library will open at the Crockett County Resource Center located across the street from the Safari Park. "We will have computer access where we are. We have the state of TN free tech support so I will have help in moving my computers and getting them hooked up again," said Rice. Timmy Burns lives in Crockett County. He uses the Internet at the library to apply for jobs. "A lot of places require you to get on line to fill out applications and without the library I wouldn't be able to get on line," said Burns. The library received a state grant worth $60,000. Of that amount, $10,000 came from a group called the friends of the library the rest came from private donations. "I am proud of our library. We play a big part of the community, newcomers to the county this is the first place they come," said Rice. Construction is expected to be completed in July, that is when the Library on Church Street will open again. "With a book you can be anybody, go anywhere, your dreams can come true with a book," Rice said.