Crockett County Sees Spike in Home Burglaries

Joe Sullivan

Three break-ins have occurred in Crockett County. Friendship, Maury City and the Johnson Grove area were all hit. Guns, jewelry and electronics were stolen.

"I do think they are related and if you line them up all three locations they would pretty much be in a straight line from the top of the county to the bottom of the county," said Crockett County Deputy Andrew Whitehead.

One house that was broken into in the Johnson Grove Area is close to the Haywood County line. Tuesday, the Haywood County Sheriff's Department was patrolling the area. Phillip Kail lives next door to one of the houses burglarized. His daughter was one of the victims.

"We are less than a quarter mile and with the wind blowing out of the south like this I heard their alarm and by the time I got over here they were gone," said Philip Kail.

Kail said a family friend saw a 1995 White Ford Explorer at the top of the driveway at the time of the break-in.

This is the first string of burglaries the Crockett County Sheriff's Department has seen since January.

"We don't want the citizens of Crockett County and the people of Crockett County to go through the things they went through in the past with break ins," said Chief Eric Uselton of the Crockett Co. Sheriff's Dept.

Two of the three houses that were hit on Monday had security alarms.
The thieves were in and out in three minutes.

"They know they have a set time the alarm company notifies us they have a small window of time to get what they are gonna get and get out, " Uselton said.


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