Crockett County Sheriff's Nab Alleged Drug Dealer

Cyndi Lundeberg

ALAMO, Tenn. - Residents who live along West Vine Street in Alamo, say drug use in their neighborhood is getting out of hand.

"I would describe this area as the crack block. A crack dealer just drove by and you didn't even know it," said Travis Brasfield.

Crockett County Sheriff's Department says that may be changing thanks to their new drug dog Remy. The canine busted Ronald Brooks, who lives along West Vine Street, at the Dairy Queen in Alamo. He is now charged with having crack, hydrocodone, and cocaine.

"Officers located a suspect named Ronald Lester Brooks here in Alamo. They had a parking lot under surveillance where they were waiting for him," Sheriff Troy Klyce said of Brooks' arrest.

Sheriff Klyce says for almost two decades Brooks, who is known on the streets as 'Gotti', has been arrested more times than he can remember.

"After a while when you continue to come in and out of the system for the same thing, over and over and over, then they start taking these charges a lot more seriously when they come in," he said.

Brooks is currently jailed without bond on two drug charges and for violating his parole. Brooks' neighbors say they aren't surprised and say drug use has become part of the neighborhood.

"There is a lot of drug activity in this area, but it's been going on forever," said Billy Dutton.

Another neighbor Amber Coker agreed stating, "It's around but it's kinda not a big deal," she said.

Sheriff Klyce says getting Brooks off the street is a positive effort, but a short lived victory because he says there is always someone new waiting to move up in the drug chain.

"It seems like it your always just moving on to something else. I mean you celebrate the small successes and keep going there just not much time to rest," he said.

Brooks is currently being held without bail. He will be in court next Thursday.


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