Crockett Residents Band Together For Christmas Store

Cyndi Lundeberg

CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn. - Floyd's Chapel United Methodist Church opened second annual Christmas Store, Friday. The event allows needy families to purchase brand new gifts for their children at minimal cost.

Families who applied for the event paid $5 at the door per child, which got them one large gift, one medium gift and three small gifts. "Our philosophy, these children deserve brand new gifts just like everybody else," stated pastor Brian Griffith.

As participants entered the store they signed in and were provided a personal shopper to assist them in selecting the perfect holiday gifts. An elderly disabled woman told us without the Christmas store her children wouldn't have a Christmas.

Pastor Griffith said, "The people that work here say, 'These kids are getting better presents than my kids'. But they smile and they're okay with that because that is what it's about, doing the best we can for others."

Crockett County residents and organizations donated more than $40,000 to Crockett County Christmas, which helped more than 320 children this year.

Preparations for this year's Christmas store began right after last year's Christmas store. The event organizers hope to expand and run all year round not just Christmas time.

People interested in volunteering or donating to Crockett Christmas are encouraged to visit the events Facebook Page.


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