Crump Police Chief Fired Over Sexual Harassment Claims

Emily Cassulo

A West Tennessee police chief is out of two jobs, after sexual harassment complaints were filed against him.

John Youngson was chief of police for both Crump and Saltillo in Hardin County until last week. That is when the complaints came to light and he was fired in Crump, and resigned in Saltillo.

Crump city officials said two complaints against former Chief Youngson from the wives of other officers were brought to the mayor last week.

"They were all friends," resident Donovan Briley said. "He sent them a gag gift and now, I guess something else came up. Maybe he was wanting his position, or something at work, so they brought that up to get him fired."

Shortly after the complaint was filed, Crump Mayor Glen Spencer fired Youngson, who has been with the police department five years. Then, Saltillo Mayor Larry Lowery said he was advised by his city attorney to either suspend Youngson, or ask him to step down.

"I think it's a load of crap," Briley said. "It was as a gag gift. There wasn't anything wrong with it when he did it, so why bring it up months and months later?"

Crump's interim police chief Jeff Plunk said no charges have been filed against Youngson yet.

"That may be surprising for something to happen like that in a police department, but they still know better," resident Joe Gortney said.

Many residents told 7 Eyewitness News Youngson is a good guy, and wish the city would have conducted more of an investigation before firing him.

"It's surprising to me. Yeah, he's a good guy, but it's surprising to me that, you know, the reasons they did it weren't really legit," Briley said.

Both Mayor Spencer and Youngson could not be reached for comment.

According to Crump city officials, Plunk will likely be named the permanent police chief at the next aldermen meeting.

As for Saltillo, they will hire another part-time officer once they appoint Patrolman Shawn Taylor as chief at their next aldermen meeting.

Crump officials said they would not be hiring any new officers anytime soon.


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